Dry harbor in a glance

بندرخشک در یک نگاه


Dry Port at a Glance

What is a dry port?

Dry port is a new type of port in the world, which is developing in various European countries and the United States. Dry port is a multipurpose area located offshore, connected by at least two modes of transportation to the seaport.

In a dry port, there are enough facilities and equipment to deal with mixed transport traffic, different warehousing forms, logistics, forwarding, and value-added businesses.

Why do we need a dry port in Iran?

Raise the country's security factor by observing the principles of non-operating defense

Decreased demand for coastal land use, environmental protection and reduction of coastal land pollution, and effective use of coastal land.

Extend the import and export process by concentrating related services.

Strengthening the combination of transportation solutions, encouraging the use of rail (safe and inexpensive transportation) and less damage to the environment

Development of the internal regions of the country, economic prosperity of the country's export capacity by establishing value added services centers, reducing crude selling and increasing non-oil exports.

Why is Yazd province the best place for dry port?

Being located in the center of the country, the high security factor in non-operating defense

One of the four suitable areas for discharge and loading and storage of goods based on Logistics Association’s studies

Excellent location of Yazd in the country's rail and road freight corridors

There are five railways and roads to 5 directions.

The only two-way railroad from Bafq to Bandar-Abbas

High production potential in the province (production of more than eight hundred and fifty different product types)

High export capacity of the products and products of the province

What are the competitive advantages of Pishgaman Dry Port?

Yazd province is geographical center

Easy access to dry port

Easy and diverse investment conditions

Possibility of Port Participation in Value Added Projects

The existence of an export market

The presence of centralized services to facilitate and expedite the import and export process

Good weather for storing things

Intermodal transportation (rail, road, air)

There is a strong IT infrastructure

Invitation to invest in various projects

Pishgaman Dry Port welcomes the investors in various projects of Iran's first cooperative dry port. These projects include:

Warehousing, Logistics, Loading and unloading, Transportation, Insurance and standard labs, Packing and cargoes for delivering goods, Grain silos, Dry bulk dry storage, Fuel warehouses, Mini-refineries, Refrigerator, Electrical stations, Welfare services such as, Hotel, restaurant, dormitory and Business center, etc.