Pishgaman Group


For the first time on the first day when Pishgaman Kavir Yazd Co-operative Company was formed, there were a few members but sympathetic, capable and well-meaning.

The achievement of a better, flourishing future with great aspirations was drawn. Fortune and prediction have been achieved in founders’ spirit and minds. Today we have become what we wanted yesterday and make tomorrow by grace of God as we wanted yesterday.

Although Pishgaman Kavir Yazd Co-operative Company formed its initial core by forming a not-so-great cooperative in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), today it is a solid and fruitful tree, and thanks to the Lord, who has everything and everything is in his power - and by trusting in him will be more refreshed day by day.

We believe that by trust, thought, commitment, all in form of a cooperative we will reach all our aspirations.

Although Pishgaman Kavir Yazd Co-operative Company has risen from the land of Qanat and Qonut and Contentment, has come to the forefront of Yazd, but in the direction of globalization and to be present at all accessible points, it has gone further from the desert and has already provided services in the geographical range beyond Yazd. And it will not be long before that the resonance of this group will be heard anywhere in Iran and the world.


Pishgaman Kavir Yazd Co-operative Company at a glance

Foundation year: 1996

The main field of activity: ICT

Development Areas: Banking, Insurance, Aviation and Rail, Submarine Optical Fiber and etc.

Number of employees: 400 direct personnel and 1500 indirect employees

Number of companies: 26 companies by now

Economic model: Cooperative economy

Main services: Investment in the field of ICT

Subsidiary services: Types of web-based software on the clients’ request, RFID services, intelligent systems, video conferencing, security servers and all value added services.

Geographic scope of activity:

Direct representation in the provinces of Kerman, Isfahan, Qazvin, Fars, Bushehr, Khorasan, Hormozgan and in the countries of Canada, UAE, Malaysia.



Pishgaman Group and member companies are active in various fields and for this reason various awards and honors are presented in the showcase of honors. Some of these honors are announced for attendance:

- Gaining Top Cooperative Rankings in 2006, 2007, 2010

- Selected as Elite Entrepreneur in 2008

- Gain a National Specialty Rank in 2009

- Acquire the title of the best contractor for rural ICT offices throughout the country in 2009

- As the largest ADSL broadband provider in the country

- Selected National Biennial of ITA (Top Internet Country Provider)

- Top RFID Performer of Iran in 2009

- Internet Country Star in 2009 and 2010

- Elected Congress constitutes as the country's top industrial and trade figures in 2010

- Gaining a National Superior Cooperative by Pishgaman Diyar Kariman Cooperative Company in 2012


Pishgaman Activities

Although, Pishgaman cooperative group focused on IT and information technology, it is also providing services in other sectors and other industrial and service areas. Such as:

- Banking and financial activities in the form of a financial institution

- Provide 040 international telephone services for easier and cheaper access to foreign calls

- Owner and performer of the largest submarine optic fiber network in the country

- Establishment of the customs system for importing and exporting goods in the center of the country instead of the northern and southern coasts in the form of Pishgaman Dry Port cooperative company.

Other activities of the group include:

Providing High-speed ADSL Broadband

The main activities of the Pishgaman Cooperative Group - both in the era of establishment and today - are the provision of high-speed Internet services and sales through provincial representation offices and companies. Accordingly, Pishgaman Group is considered one of the fastest Internet pillars in the country, with 150 delegates, has more than 150,000 subscribers throughout Iran.


The presence of more than 15,000 shareholders in Pishgaman Cooperative Group and its presence in various supply, consultancy, IT and network projects, as well as investment and credit finance debates, will provide a safe and secure future for insurers.

Welcome to public investment

Based on the trust and confidence that reputable compatriots have in Pishgaman group, they always have an interest in participating in diverse group investments. Hence, Pishgaman Cooperative Group, in accordance with Article 10, Article 44, and Article 17 of the Cooperative Law, have encouraged the participation and investment of micro and macro investors, and endeavors to provide the most value added to well-respected stockholders.

Pishgaman Credit Institution

Carry out banking services under the supervision of the Central Bank

Distribution of credits, granting of loan

Managing and collecting popular deposits (actual and legal persons)

Issuing credit cards for shareholders and subscribers

Pishgaman Dry Port

Establishment of the customs system and clearance in the center of the country

Establishing the arrival and departure of goods in Yazd

Improving rail and road transport capacity

Turning Yazd to the economic hub of the region with regard to security priorities, strategic and native capabilities

Creating the necessary infrastructure for storing goods in the form of various warehouses

Support and service to the alterant and service industries

Pishgaman Cultural Sports Club

A new approach to the presence of the private sector in the country's sport

Long-term planning by looking at native athletes

Activities and support the forgotten sports in the country

Realistic and practical approach to sports and sports culture

Research, Development and Training Center

Attracting new IT ideas, including software, hardware, networking ... Through financial support and equipment support to economically justified projects

Support the innovators, inventors and IT researchers to advance their ideas and plans to the stage of exploitation

Defining and implementing researches based on IT

Conducting IT training courses

Creating a suitable platform for communicating with universities and research centers, both domestic and foreign

Communication Engineering Monthly Magazine

Pishgaman Cooperative Exclusive Journal

Specialized monthly magazine for information and communication technology

The first and only media in the private and cooperative sector in the IT field

The most influential national specialized publication in the field of IT with more than 25 thousand subscriber

A window for more connection between stakeholders and Pishgaman Group managers





License of the High Council of Informatics of the country

License of Computerized Organization of Tehran Province

License of the Computerized Organization of Yazd Province

Yazd Province Industrial and Mine House License